Speech Language Pathologist (SLP) Opportunities

Job Description:
Imagine having a job to do and possessing the best possible tool to do it, but not being able to use it to it's full effectiveness.
If you are a Speech Language Pathologist, you meet people with this problem everyday.
Fortunately you have the tools and the talent to help.
An SLP treats disorders related to speech, language, cognitive communication, voice, swallowing, and fluency.
A typical day can include developing individual plans for patient care, teaching patients how to make sounds, improve their voices, and increase their oral or written language skills to communicate more effectively.
Essentially, a Speech Language Pathologist uses their skills and knowledge to help others hone their own communication tools.
We provide Speech Language Pathologist positions as travel therapy jobs, permanent placement and local contracts.
It's up to you.
We offer jobs in the following settings: Acute Care Hospitals - Inpatient and Outpatient Aquatic Care Centers Assisted Living Facilities Homecare In-patient Rehabilitation Centers Long Term Acute Care Centers Long Term Care Centers Outpatient Centers Pediatric Practices Private Practices Schools Skilled Nursing Facilities Sub-Acute Rehabilitation Centers Highly competitive pay rates, including opportunities to earn tax free income that will increase your net weekly pay by as much as 15%.
100% medical insurance reimbursement with a premier PPO plan.
A 401 (k) plan that offers a 4% match.
Continuing Education reimbursement.
A chance to explore new places and new opportunities throughout the United States.
Licensure reimbursement.
Housing accommodations.
A dedicated representative that will provide concierge customer service, devoted to your career goals.
Let your career take you wherever you want to go.
Search our Speech Language Pathologist Jobs and let Centra take you there.

Don't Be Fooled

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